Product name Lemonade Hydro Enzyme
Name Lemon juice powder-containing foods
Ingredients Glucose, indigestible dextrin, fruit juice powder (lemon juice concentrate powder, dextrin, starch), honey powder, candle bush end, Psidium guajava coli extract powder, Kidachiaroe end, dextrin, fossil coral hydrogen powder, lactic acid bacteria (sterilization) (milk ingredient the including), wild grass fermentation extract powder containing the (apple-yam), plant fermentation end (dextrin, fruit and vegetables, cereals, wild grass extract, sugar, seaweed) (soybean, orange, kiwi fruit, bananas, cashew nuts, including sesame), fermented plant extract powder, including the grain fermentation extract (wheat), maltodextrin / citric acid, flavors, sweeteners (aspartame · L- phenylalanine compound), coloring (safflower yellow), vitamin C, vitamin E , niacin, pantothenic acid Ca, vitamin B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12
Internal capacity 150g
Preservation method Please keep in a cool place away from high temperature, humid and direct sunlight.
How to take Take 5g per day(2 spoons per one cup). Mix well with 100cc of water and drink.

Candle Bush, there is a possibility to become a large amount of intake and diarrhea at a time. Please observe the daily intake.
- Use a dry spoon, close the pack firmly every time after use.
- If you disagree with, please discontinue use.
- Please refer to the materials display if you have food alergies.
- Consult your doctor  before use, if you take medicine or staying in a hospital.

Nutritional facts Recommended dose (5g) per day Energy: 17.07kcal / protein: 0.02g / lipid: 0.01g / carbohydrates: 4.87g / sodium chloride equivalent: 0.01g
Country of origin Japan